Show Specials Going on Now!

  • Manpack VHF/UHF/ battery operated pack set $295 will be on special at IDXC for $200 cash
  • UHF 25 watt ERP 16 channel handheld will be there; normally $175 on special at $150 cash
  • UHF 16 channel pocket/ purse radios in 2 varieties a TWO pack of them complete $60 show special $50
  • Fidel Castro 1962 Hallicrafters advertisement regularly $10 show special $7

Introducing NEW line of UHF handheld radios.

The new 25 watt ERP handheld UHF unit is, so far as we know, the most powerful handheld radio on the market today. As the amplifier generates some heat it is fan-cooled and powered by a 4000 MAh LiON battery pack and comes with charger, high-gain antenna and coverage is from 400 to 480 MHz with all tone and digital codes capable.

Optional programming software and cable are available for licensed ham radio operators but it comes pre-programmed with UHF GMRS radio channels for immediate use out of the box so anyone can buy and talk on it the same day.


  • UHF
  • 4000 MAh LiON Battery Pack
  • High Gain Antenna (400-480 MHz
  • 25 Watt ERP
  • Fan Cooled
  • Portable

Manpack Camo is VHF/ UHF 25 watts with built-in LiON 12 amp hour battery pack, charger, mike, antenna and room for more gear in the pack.

For licensed ham radio operators the optional programming software and cable will be made available but for those that are not licensed we will pre-program the unit for the GMRS UHF frequencies and VHF MURS frequencies that do not require a ham radio license so anyone can use it right out of the box.

New Tiny 2-Way Radios

These are by far the tiniest 2-way radio out there - package of 2 for $75
  • 2 earpiece/ PTT/ mikes
  • 2 USB charging cables (same as Android phones use)
  • Lanyards (so you don't lose these tiny radios!)
  • 16 channels
  • 440 MHz to 470 MHz band spread; pre-programmed up with GMRS/ FRS radio channels in them on arrival (462 MHz range)
  • Tone coded squelch (both analog & digital formats) pre-programmed for the channels pre-installed
  • 500 milliwatts (half a watt) of solid RF power out with internal antenna talks a long way for its size; great for finding kids at the mall, swap meet, around the house, etc.
  • Change channels and the little unit speaks the channel number out (called "Voicing" the channel)
  • Belt or lapel clip hooks it conveniently to where you need it the most
  • Yes; licensed radio users CAN reprogram them with the software we provide (ask about this feature) OR:
  • Specify the channels & we will program yours to use out of the box on YOUR channels
  • YES you can have repeater offset channels; just specify
Pictures coming soon!